Differences in Dietary Intake of Women with Standard Weight but Varying Body Fat Percentages in Japan

Minatsu Kobayashi, Mayuko Hirata, Eri Abe, Mieko Horiguchi


“Hidden obese people” have a high body fat percentage (BFP) despite having a normal BMI (18.5 <BMI ? 25.0 BFP ?30) due to an excessive accumulation of visceral fat, which increases their risk of lifestyle-related diseases. We aimed to identify factors that contribute to hidden obesity among Japanese female students at the Nutritionist Training Facility University using their anthropomorphic measurements, lifestyle characteristics and nutritional intake. Characteristics of participants with hidden obesity physique (18.5 <BMI ? 25.0 and BFP >30%) (n = 160) and standard physique (18.5 <BMI ? 25.0 and BFP <30%) (n = 376) were compared using Student’s t-test or Welch’s t-test. The participants with hidden obesity physique have lower intake of energy (p = 0.044) and fat (p = 0.036) and a higher intake of carbohydrates (p = 0.023), cereals (p = 0.009) and sugary beverages (p = 0.020). This study suggests that a reduction in carbohydrate-dense foods is effective in preventing hidden obesity.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/fsns.v3n3p84


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