Anthocyanin, Lutein, Polyphenol Contents and Antioxidant Activity of Black, Red and White Pigmented Rice Varieties

Saravanan Ponnappan, Arun Thangavel, Omprakash Sahu


Colour rice varieties are rich in antioxidants and functional based properties such as anthocyanin, lutein and phenolic compounds. In this experiment, two of red pigmented (TPS-1and TKM-9), one white (glutinous rice) and black pigmented rice varieties are cultivated from India were analysed to determine their antioxidants and nutrition based functional properties. Based on the result, the anthocyanin content was very high on black rice than other variety contents up to 244.45 mg/100 g. Polyphenol compound were varied significantly within the compared varieties. Highest polyphenol compound content (463.05 mg/100 g) was found in the black rice and also showed rich antioxidant properties. Obviously, black rice rich source of lutein compound was also higher than other varieties where under the experimental condition. DPPH (Determination of 2, 20-diphenyl-1picrylhydrazyl radical scavenging ability) scavenging capacity starting from 69.46% to 76.4% ranged to level of remain DPPH.

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