Evolutionary Game Analysis of Open Financing Models for Small and Medium-Sized Internet Education Enterprises

Qianqian Chen


The open financing models combine traditional financing and network financing, which plays an important role in alleviating the financing constraints of small and medium-sized education enterprises and is conducive to promoting the growth of small and medium-sized education enterprises. Based on the systematic review of evolutionary game theory, the characteristics of evolutionary game theory and its differences with game theory, this paper first constructs the game process analysis of the open financing mode of small and medium-sized Internet education enterprises, and proposes the stabilization strategies of the participants through the model analysis. On this basis, the financing model is improved by introducing the constraints of individuals, loan companies, government and intermediaries, and the open financing game process is theoretically analyzed and mathematically derived. The conclusions of the study provide an important reference for promoting the open financing model of small and medium-sized Internet education enterprises.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/ibes.v5n4p36


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