Citizens with More Educational Experience are Less Likely to Engage in Illegal and Criminal Activities

Xi Gong


Multitudinous factors cause crime engagement to decrease. However, policymakers are paying increasing attention to education as the key strategy to combat crimes. Therefore, this essay argues that citizens with more educational experience are less likely to engage in illegal and criminal activities. In the form of a literature review, there are three claims proposed which supported by an abundance of relevant evidence. Firstly, education is conducive to employment, thereby reducing the crime rate. Secondly, education inhibits citizens’ desire to engage in delinquency. Thirdly, schools prevent young people from committing crimes. In addition, prior researchers also put forward a main counterargument that education may have a light risk of promoting crime. Combining these three claims and refutation, this essay concluded that more educational experience is beneficial to efforts to reduce engagement in illegal and criminal activities, but not absolute. Moreover, I also proposed some personal recommendations to policymakers and researchers.

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