World Dissemination and Influence of Chinese Historical Classic Shi Ji (Historical Records) (Note 1)

Yang Tiantian, Zhang Jie, Ren Xiaofei


Shi Ji is the first biography history in China and the most influential historical masterpiece in Chinese history. In the past 2000 years, the cultural classic had exerted remarkable influence upon scholars all over the world, becoming the cultural heritage for all human civilizations. The richness of the relative research findings and significance to overseas scholars of ancient Chinese culture are prominent in numerous ancient codes and books. By literature study, we traced the historical impact of Shi Ji in East Asia, Europe and the United States, exploring its contribution to the human world civilization. It is found that, due to different research emphasis and cultural backgrounds, overseas scholars’ researches of Shi Ji have presented us with many different outcomes: translations and studies of Shi Ji in East Asia should be much earlier than those in Europe and America; related studies in East Asia were focused on interpretation and understanding of the text from its translation and annotation, whereas those in Europe and America showed more interests to the holistic study of the cultural background, the author as well as his life. Despite their different research focuses, all the scholars, on the basis of repeated studies and textual researches of Shi Ji, had contributed their own constructive views.

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