Students’ Perspectives towards Using Youtube in Improving EFL Learners’ Motivation to Speak

Luluh Abdullah Alkathiri


It is beneficial for educators to apply the use of modeling strategies to assist English language learners (ELLs) and their ability to improve their understanding of word diction and the movements that are needed to create English sounds using their mouths and tongues. The purpose of this study is to determine whether Youtube, as a media source that is able to model language practice in an engaging manner, can be used to help ELLs gain improve word pronunciation skills. A questionnaire was administered to students to assess the attitudes that students had towards using Youtube to improve their motivation to speak and practice language in class. The results demonstrated that the use of Youtube in the English language classroom represents an engaging method, and this motivates students to participate in these lessons. Furthermore, participation in English speaking lessons using Youtube videos increased student confidence about their English-speaking abilities. It is therefore reasonable for educators to continue to use Youtube and other video media as a part of instruction in the ELL classroom because this motivates students to learn and to practice their speaking skills aloud with confidence, enabling them to achieve their language attainment goals.

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