Competencies of College Freshmen in the Use of Computer Technology in a University

Joseph Emmanuel V. Gador


Competence in the use of computer technology is the result of many factors that can shape instructional technology activities to meet students’ needs in the walls of the academy. This study assessed the competencies of BSIT first-year students in the use of computer technology in the three campuses of Cebu Technological University, Cebu, Philippines. The researcher employed a descriptive method utilizing a standardized tool from the Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) to gather data related to students’ competencies in the use of computer technology. The study revealed that there is a significant relationship between the family factor and their level of computer competency. The study concluded that students were competent in the use of computer technology. The researcher recommends that parents and members of the family household take an active part in the development of the computer learning competencies of students.

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