New Research Direction and Overview of the Crescent School in the Twenty-first Century

Jing Zhou, Maolong Chen


The Crescent School was a significant liberal intellectual organization in modern China during the 1920s and 1930s, greatly impacting the development of new Chinese literature and modern thought. This paper reviews the research conducted on the Crescent School in the twenty-first century, identifying an evident shortcoming of one-sided, superficial, and repetitive research due to disciplinary boundaries and a lack of theoretical framework. To address these limitations, this paper argues for the adoption of a new integrated perspective that combines literature, intellectual history, and histology, aimed at establishing the Crescent School’s complete subjectivity. Furthermore, this paper explores the potential value of such an approach, which not only enriches the morphological samples of organizational studies but also expands the research view of organizations. In summary, this paper calls for a fresh look at the Crescent School and its impact on modern Chinese intellectual history, advocating for a more holistic approach to studying this organization and its contributions.

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