Practice and Thinking: How to Enhance the Sense of Gain of College Students’ Ideological and Political Theory Courses

Yi Song, Yan Wang


As a new and young member for national development, college students require high ideological consciousness, firm political position and profound theoretical understanding. To enhance the sense of gain from college students’ ideological and political theory courses is a hot topic of concern for Chinese ideological and political scholars in recent years, and it is also an important teaching goal for ideological and political teachers in colleges. On the basis of analyzing the connotation and influencing factors of college students’ sense of gain in ideological and political theory courses, and in grasping the combination of domestic peer research experience and actual teaching situation, we will continue to explore teaching designs and strategies to enhance the sense of gain by understanding students’ previous learning experience and development needs, adjusting the teaching strategy according to students’ listening situation, introducing visualization technology, and incorporating blended teaching practice.

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