An Empirical Research on the Reasonable Limits of Teacher Discipline in Primary and Secondary School in China - Focusing on Corporal Punishment

Xinyi Zhang


With the promulgation of the Rules on Educational Discipline for Primary and Secondary School Teachers (for Trial Implementation), China has initially established a four-tier educational disciplinary system. The disciplinary power is a natural and legitimate power of teachers, and discipline is a necessary means and statutory function for teachers to carry out their educational management duties, while the current operation of the disciplinary power in China shows a trend of polarisation. Corporal punishment, an important part of Chinese traditional education system, is still used by teachers today, but there is a lack of written regulations to define its form and judge its reasonableness. In order to achieve a rational return to corporal punishment and discipline, it is necessary to further refine the relevant legal policies and build a better educational disciplinary system, as well as to strengthen the guidance of ideas and public opinion, so as to build a favourable social environment for teachers to implement corporal punishment and discipline within reasonable limits.

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