On the Path of Curriculum Ideological and Political Reform in College Chinese

Feifan Hu


As a new educational concept, "curriculum ideology and politics" has been widely concerned by the academic circle, showing a rapid popularity in colleges and universities. At the same time, under the high attention and continuous promotion of the state, colleges and universities across the country continue to accelerate the construction and development of curriculum ideology and politics. College Chinese course, as a public basic course set by colleges for non-Chinese language and literature majors, has the characteristics of ideology, tool and humanity, has the unique advantages of combining with curriculum ideological and political construction, and is an important position and advantageous platform to promote the construction of college curriculum ideological and political construction. Therefore, we should give full play to its important value and role in cultural identity, ideological identity and value identity, give full play to the leading in curriculum ideological and political reform, strengthen teachers' awareness of carrying out curriculum ideological and political education, optimize teaching content, dig deep into the ideological and political elements in college Chinese curriculum, pay attention to the combination of theory and practice, Adhere to the unity of explicit education and implicit education, and constantly improve the quality of college personnel training.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/jecs.v7n4p53


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