The Value Implications and Practical Path of the Spirit of Diligence, Thrift and Saving in the New Era

Yunyun Suo


The spirit of diligence, thrift and frugality was first mentioned in the report of the Twentieth National Congress, which is rooted in the fertile soil of Chinese culture and is an important spiritual code for the new era. The spirit of diligence, thrift and frugality is a spiritual wealth for the sustainable development of the Chinese nation, a spiritual code for coping with all kinds of risks and challenges, and a spiritual guarantee for stimulating college students' sense of responsibility. Standing at a new starting point and embarking on a new journey, to cultivate the spirit of diligence, thrift and frugality, it is necessary to enhance the cognition and tell the Chinese story of the spirit of diligence, thrift and frugality; to strengthen the supervision and improve the system and mechanism of practicing frugality; to base on the innovation and give full play to the nurturing effect of scientific and technological empowerment; and to set an example and create a strong atmosphere for learning from the exemplary.

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