Application of Electronic Information Engineering Technology in Intelligent Communication

Chao Song


As a representative of advanced science and technology, communication intelligence technology has developed steadily in the past few years. At present, the wide application of electronic information engineering technology in electric power industry has a very important impact on the development and construction of electric power communication network. Electronic engineering technology provides a good solution to solve the problem of unstable power supply in China's power system, which not only promotes the development of the power industry, but also plays an important role in the maintenance of China's power system. In recent years, with the steady development of artificial intelligence technology, its application is also increasing, and it has gained more and more widespread social attention. Nowadays, with the continuous development of Internet technology and electronic computers, people's cognition of artificial intelligence technology and artificial intelligence products has slowly changed. The continuous progress of science and technology has made artificial intelligence walk in the front of today's scientific and technological development, and has attracted high attention and application from all walks of life. As the main communication technology produced in today's society, electronic engineering technology provides great convenience for People's Daily life. Electronic engineering technology is constantly innovating and breaking through on the basis of existing, and developing in the direction of intelligence.

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