The Art of Language—Re-read of Pride and Prejudice

Gou Ying, Xie Xiao, Cheng Hang


Pride and Prejudice, a masterpiece by the famous British female writer Jane Austen in the 19th century, is also Jane Austen’s earliest novel, which took a year to complete. In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen successfully created a new era of women-Elizabeth, starting with the arrogance and prejudice of the hero Darcy and the heroine Elizabeth. After several twists and turns, the hero and heroine finally became a beautiful couple. The Jane Austen was different from the British popular literary language creation model at the time. She was bold and innovative, using female delicate thinking, exaggerated irony, simple, lively and vivid yet charming literary language, and created a book about A masterpiece of life and marriage thinking. Therefore, this article will discuss Pride and Prejudice from the perspective of literary language, and at the same time help readers better understand the connotation and internal meaning.

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