Research on the Ways of Integrating People-oriented Concept into Ideological and Political Teaching

Qiu Chenxi


At this stage, in Chinese education and teaching system of various institutions of higher learning, ideological and political courses, as an important part of the curriculum education system, has a very positive and important practical influence on helping college students establish a scientific and correct outlook on life, world outlook, values, improving the personal moral quality and the all-round development of students’ individual comprehensive quality of college students. With the continuous optimization and upgrading of the reform of the educational management system in colleges and universities in China in the new period, the teaching approaches of ideological and political courses in colleges and universities have gradually shown new development characteristics. This paper will carry out in-depth analysis and research on the significance of people-oriented education concept, the important role of ideological and political course teaching in colleges and universities, the significance of integrating people-oriented education concept into ideological and political course teaching in colleges and universities, as well as the current situation of ideological and political course education and teaching in colleges and universities and the corresponding effectual optimization measures.

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