Investigation and Analysis of College Students’ Online Learning Behavior in the Post-epidemic Era—Take Suqian College as an Example

Luo Youhao, Yang Jianxiang


The COVID-19 epidemic broke out in the world in 2020. With the continuous efforts of people all over the world for a year, the development trend of the epidemic was gradually restrained, and countries began to enter the post-epidemic period one after another. With the students from all over the country returning to school gradually, how to strengthen the normal study of young college students and how to restore the normal teaching order in schools is a huge challenge to both schools and students during this special period of epidemic prevention and control. This paper starts with the phenomenon that the learning effect of online education for college students in Suqian University is not ideal, and carries out on-the-spot questionnaire survey to explore the problem. According to the research, some students have cultivated their good learning habits in the home-school environment, but there are still some problems, such as the majority of students lack of inertial thinking of online learning, lack of attention to online learning and unable to find a suitable mixed online teaching model. Schools should select appropriate teaching models to guide students to participate in online learning. Students should also actively cooperate with teachers to carry out educational work, restrain themselves and devote themselves to study within the stipulated time. Finally, I hope that this paper can effectively promote the development of online e-learning by putting forward some countermeasures and suggestions for the construction of high-quality e-learning model in schools.

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