Development of Graphic Design Practice and Education in Ghana

Dr. Eric Agyarkoh, Dr. Eric Kwadwo Amissah


In Ghana, Graphic Design is regarded as one of the contemporary arts that was introduced in the Gold Coast by the British (The colonial administration) and European merchants in the 17th Century. Since then, the art has gone through series of metamorphosis in various aspects till date. However, empirical evidence indicates that the developmental patterns of the art in Ghana has not been documented comprehensively. Using qualitative research approaches such as historical research method, interviews, document review, narrative and inductive analysis, this paper sought to conduct a comprehensive research into the local Graphic Design industry to gather pieces of fragmented documented and oral information from relevant stake holders who were purposively selected from different parts of Ghana based on their professional memory on industrial practice and Graphic Design education in Ghana, to reconstruct the history of the art for posterity. The study revealed that, commercial press printing and newspaper advertising were introduced in the Gold Coast first before outdoor advertising and desktop publishing. Also, colonisation, successive government policies, technological inventions in the western countries, and developments in computer technologies have contributed immensely to the development of Graphic Design practice and education in Ghana from the 17th Century to date.

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