Problems of Cultural Confidence in the New Era and Countermeasures

Jingyi Dong


The confidence of the nation comes from the confidence of culture, while culture is the spirit and soul of a nation, and the development of culture is related to the politics and economy of the whole country in many aspects. Taking the excellent traditional Chinese culture as the basic perspective, this paper will analyze the problems faced in developing the cultural confidence of socialism with Chinese characteristics from the basic connotation, ideological origin as well as the existing problems and the reasons of constraints, with socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era as the background of the times, and put forward suggestions and countermeasures according to the problems. This paper adopts a combination of literature research, abstract and concrete, history and reality to start from the ideological origin of socialist cultural self-confidence with Chinese characteristics, analyze some representative outstanding traditional cultures of the Chinese nation, and combine their role in contemporary society with their significance to the cultural construction of contemporary society, and explore a socialist cultural self-confidence path with great Chinese characteristics by linking theory with practice and concrete analysis of specific problems in the context of the new era.

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