Stages for Introduction of Drawing Actions in Pre-School Age

Yulia Solovieva, Luis Quintanar


The process of learning and achievements at school depends on the types of activities selected at pre-school level. Unfortunately, it is often to find out that introduction of writing and reading is among the most common activities in pre-school institutions all over the world. According to historical and cultural conception of development, artistic and creative activities are useful and helpful at pre-school age. The goal of the article is to show the efficiency of original program for initial introduction of drawing actions at pre-school age. The original program for gradual formation of drawing by stages was applied in private college in Puebla (Mexico). The program included three stages and worked as joint activities in groups of pre-scholars of three grades. After program application children showed qualitative positive achievements in graphic representations of objects, spatial orientation, number of drawings and of essential features of represented real and imaginary objects and situations. We conclude that drawing is extremely useful activity for preparation for school and introducing space orientation on perceptive level. Our program may be used in pre-school institutions in order to guarantee required level psychological development at pre-school age.

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