Research on the Cultivation of College Students’ National Spirit from the Perspective of the Chinese Dream

Zhenyuan Li


Chinese college students are the future of the vigorous development of the motherland, the expectation of the Chinese nation, the successors and builders of the domestic socialist modernization cause, and the main bearers and practitioners of the Chinese dream. The cultivation of college students’ own national cultural spirit is not only related to the overall development of individuals, but also closely related to the future prospects of our country and the survival and development of the entire ethnic minority. Therefore, the cultivation of the national cultural spirit of our college students in the perspective of the Chinese Dream can improve the majority of college students’ sense of identity with the Chinese national culture, adhere to the Marxist ideal, unswervingly take the correct confidence of the socialist line with Chinese characteristics, and actively participate in the grand practice of achieving the Chinese Dream, thus serving as the backbone of the implementation of the Chinese Dream.

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