Internationalization and the Covid-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities for the Global South

Kyria Rebeca Finardi, Felipe F. Guimaraes


The aim of this study is to reflect on how internationalization can take place in these challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic, from the perspective of researchers of a university in the Global South. So as to foreground the discussion, the locus of enunciation of researchers in a Brazilian university is exposed and a meta-analysis of 10 studies produced there between 2019-2020 is carried out, and contrasted with four virtual conferences held by Brazilian associations between June and July of 2020. Overall results of the study suggest that the Covid-19 pandemic brought about many disruptions for education (in general) and international education (in particular), but also opportunities, as internationalization moves away from academic mobility to virtual mobility, enabling a more active role for universities in the Global South and a more balanced internationalization panorama in the world.

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