Instructional Practices of Teachers in Integrating Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills in Mathematics Instruction

Emolyn M. Iringan


This qualitative research aimed to document the instructional practices, problems encountered, and suggestions offered by mathematics teachers in integrating critical thinking through problem-solving. To obtain the data, series of Focus Group Discussions (FGD) were conducted with seven (7) mathematics teachers and sixty (60) students in the Senior High School. Through the thematic analysis, four key themes were derived to present teachers’ teaching practices, problems encountered, and suggestions to intensify critical thinking promotion through problem-solving tasks. A Proposed Enhancement Plan for Mathematics Teachers was developed to hasten students’ exposure to activities that promote critical thinking and problem-solving. These activities involve enrichment sessions for mathematics teachers the problem-solving and refinement of instructional plans, particularly on strategies, assessment techniques, and instructional materials.

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