The Application of Exemplarist Moral Theory and Problem-Based Learning in the Course of Structural Mechanics

Bin Sha, Qinfang Zhong, Xiaoyu Guo, Houren Xiong


Structural mechanics is an important basic course for undergraduates majoring in civil engineering. However, due to the difficulty and extent of the content, students are often not able to master the course. Problem-based learning is an excellent way of teaching engineering, and character education can improve students’ performance. This study explores the combined application of problem-based learning and exemplarist moral theory. In this model, students analyze the structure and force of buildings, and they learn about the historical stories behind them. In this way, students improve their morality, civility, performance, and intellect. In character education, the use of case studies and examples can increase students’ interest in the course, improve classroom participation, enrich teaching connotations, and strengthen students’ understanding of basic concepts and their ability to memorize them.

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