Stimulating Ideological Education in Elementary School English Teaching with Interest

Miao Hu, Min Chen


The 21st century is an informationalized and diversified society, which makes people realize the importance of English learning. Many countries have taken English teaching as an important part of basic education. Because people attach great importance to English, how to learn English well is particularly important. As a special group, elementary school students have a strong interest in new things, Besides, “interest is the best teacher”, so teachers should seize the characteristics of elementary school students, try every means to improve their interest in English learning, push students to seek knowledge, strengthen ideological education, study problems and get good grades. This paper will make a summary of the existing research from the two aspects of teachers and classrooms and focus on the study of how to improve students’ interest in English learning after class, in order to improve students’ interest in English learning through teachers’ methods and parents’ close cooperation.

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