Blended “Three Entries” Ideological and Political Curriculum Integration Experiment: A Case Study of Comprehensive English Course

Yang Feng, Xiya Wang


This study carried out a two-semester “Three Entries” course ideological and political experiment in the teaching of English majors in colleges and universities. The experiment found that the 58 students in the experimental group who integrated socialist ideals and beliefs into the teaching of professional courses, their life pursuits, postgraduate entrance examination plans, career ideals, and learning enthusiasm have all improved significantly, and the average score of professional course examinations has also increased by 15%; while the 60 control group students who have not carried out ideological and political integration in the course have no significant changes in the above test indicators. This experiment shows that the development of ideological and political courses in colleges and universities can effectively improve students’ learning motivation and academic performance, and promote postgraduate entrance examinations and career development, providing case experience and reference for the reform of ideological and political courses in colleges and universities.

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