Multiple Intelligences-Based Instructional Strategy of English Academic Writing Skill Instruction (MIB-IS of EAWSI): A Classroom Action Research at One of Indonesia Senior High School

Noldy Pelenkahu


This study is focused on the implementation of Multiple Intelligences-Based Instructional Strategy (MIB-IS) to improve students English Academic Writing Skill Instruction (EAWSI). It uses Classroom Action Research (CAR). There are four steps in this CAR: (1) plan, (2) action, (3) observation, and (4) reflection. Multiple Intelligences-Based Instructional Strategy (MIB-IS) can improve Senior High School students’ academic writing (argumentative essay writing) in eight students’ intelligences (linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalist) following the writing process of creating, outlining, drafting, and polishing. The process of academic writing instruction through MIB-IS will be more effective if the students are able to be more active in following every single step of writing process to hit the big issues of content, organization, unity, coherence, logic and the smaller issues of grammar, sentence-structure, punctuation, and spelling. And by giving an academic writing exercise in every phase of instruction is really important to improve students’ argumentative essay writing skill for students to master the concepts comprehensively and integrated properly. And so, the school as an educational institution must prepare its students to go to the university by the capability of supporting MIB-IS implementation in academic writing instruction as an effective English instructional strategy.

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