How to Interrogate Impolitely During Custody: A Case Study of In the Name of People

Zixi Jin


Based on an analytical qualitative study on the custodial interrogation in the Chinese television drama In the Name of People, this paper attempts to generalize and analyze the impoliteness strategies used by interrogators, using Culpeper’s (1996) Impoliteness Framework as the research tool. We intend to provide some suggestions on how to make use of impoliteness by interrogators in real police interrogation. Through data analysis, we find that: (1) Negative impoliteness strategies, sarcasm or mock politeness strategies are used most frequently by interrogators; (2) Interrogators should avoid using impoliteness strategies which may exasperate suspects; (3) Bald on record and positive impoliteness strategies are very helpful in enhancing the efficiency of interrogating; and (4) Mixed impoliteness strategies when used together are more powerful.

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