Some Common Language Learning Strategies Used by French-Speaking Cameroonian Advanced Learners of English: Strengths and Weaknesses

Gilbert Tagne Safotso


This paper analyses some common language learning strategies used by French-speaking Cameroonian advanced learners of English. The Terminale learners (N=200) and undergraduate students (N=100) are used as the study’s subjects. This choice was motivated by the fact that, before these levels, these learners have been using a wealth of language learning strategies in French, English, German Spanish or Arabic. The data is analysed following O’Malley’s and Chamot’s (1990) taxonomy of language learning strategies. Results show that these learners use more cognitive than social and metacognitive learning strategies. This prevents them from efficiently developing their communication skills and evaluating their learning. Consequently, when these subjects leave the secondary school or the university, many of them are unable to hold a discussion in English. Some suggestions are made as to the strategies to develop in order to assist these learners in their English learning process.

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