Promoting Children’s Creativity through Drama in Education

Jia Dai


Under the background of economic globalization, human creativity and imagination are key resources in a world dominated by technological innovations. Creative talents have become the pressing needs of the country. Promoting children’s creativity has also been one of the research interests in school education.

This thesis aims to research the relationship between Drama in Education and the cultivation of children’s creativity and explore the feasibility of promoting children’s creativity through DIE in English teaching. The study employs a qualitative method utilizing classroom observation method and interview method to examine the effectiveness of children’s creativity promotion in the practical English DIE class. The findings show that the main elements of drama in education are consistent with theories proposed by some of today’s best-known scholars in the area of creativity studies and the use of DIE for English teaching has helped stimulate children’s creativity.

It is hoped that the findings of this thesis will have a significance in promoting children’s creativity through DIE and provide some inspiration for teachers and researchers.

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