The Impact of Multimedia Materials Teaching on EFL Elementary School Learners

Ching-Ying Lin, Cuan-Min Wu


Nowadays, it is hard for EFL students to learn a foreign language well because of the learning environment and limited teaching materials. Therefore, if we are willing to create a successful foreign language learning classroom, the use of multimedia will be very important. Besides, learning with multimedia has become the latest tendency among the education field. For instance, many researches and professionals all approve that various materials of multimedia learning can make the learning more productive, impressive, abundant, and memorable. In this research, multimedia materials were constructed by video clips. Furthermore, after adopting multimedia materials, some findings showed that multimedia-material teaching can strongly increase the vocabulary acquisition in a short period of time. In addition, students can learn not only by spelling and images, but also by vivid of video clips presentation and sounds to make connections to their daily life. Furthermore, through the interect program, their learning motivation is higher than the traditional teaching styles. Students get more positive learning attitude and their self-efficacy all been improved. Therefore, multimedia-material teaching can make learners learning more productive, abundant and efficient; therefore, using multimedia-material teaching will be one of the important teaching materials that can be applied in the classroom.

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