Logical-Associative Method of “Flowscape” and Mental-Maps Technology Application in Foreign Language Teaching

Vachagan V. Sirekanyan, Vladlen G. Budashevsky


In this scientific and methodological article is considered the possibility of increasing the efficiency in foreign language teaching by applying the Mind-Maps technology and method of flowscape” which were not used before with this purpose and had been applied only in other fields. One of the newest developments to determine the perception features and problem analysis by E. de Bono a creative processes researcher and well-known methodical tools which can be used in the process of foreign language training «intellectual or mental cards» of Tony Buzan, known as “Mental-Maps”, “Memory Maps”, “Mind-Maps” (MM) or “Flash Cards” are proposed below. Their developments are of practical interest to be used in rational choice of foreign language teaching methods based on identified features of trainees. A model containing the key factors and the learning process criteria are offered.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/selt.v3n2p166


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