A Study on the Readability of Liu Cixin’s Science Fiction Novels in English Translation -- A Case Study of “Taking Care of God”

Licong Sun


Chinese science fiction works have been consistently winning international awards, which is closely related to the excellent writing of the authors and the invaluable contribution of the translators. There is a growing demand for the translation of Chinese science fiction novels, making it necessary to study the translation process. The translations by American science fiction writer and translator Liu Yukun have been well received by foreign readers. The key to their success lies in the fact that the translated texts capture the underlying ideas of the original works and are highly readable. By analyzing the translation artistry of “Taking Care of God”, it is evident that the attention to detail in the translation makes the Eastern story become real and believable in the minds of Western readers. The adaptation and translation of the original work ensures that the story is easy to understand, vivid, and interesting, while also preserving the elegant and captivating writing style of the original text, thus guaranteeing the readability of the English translation.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/selt.v11n3p28


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