Reflections on English Education for Biomedical Undergraduates in China

Zhongcheng Xing, Jun Xu


Objective: To explore ways for college students majoring in bio-medicine to improve their English education level. Method: By comprehensively analyzing the current situation and bottleneck issues of English learning and education from the perspectives of English, English educators, English students, and their connections. Result: Chinese biomedical undergraduates and postgraduates need to further improve their English. University English education faces many problems, which require teachers to improve their comprehensive quality and teaching methods. Conclusion: In the triangular relationship between English, English educators and English students, the role of English teachers should be gradually faded, and students’ ability and interest in learning English on their own should be cultivated at university. As the wave of globalisation is sweeping the world, learning English well is especially important for college students majoring in biomedicine.

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