In-class Activities for Improving English Listening and Speaking in Cross Cultural Communication

Yuxiu Hu, Xinting Zhang


This study presents a comprehensive framework for designing in-class activities aimed at enhancing English listening and speaking skills in cross-cultural communication in the age of self media. The study emphasizes the crucial connection between in-class activities and the broader curriculum design, giving special importance to the alignment of activities with course objectives. Drawing from established principles of curriculum design, constructivist theories, and key findings in cross-cultural communication, the study outlines a systematic approach that consists of four distinct steps-recognizing cultural self-awareness, interpreting and explaining foreign cultures, comparing and contrasting cultural elements, and evaluating cross-cultural content. Overall, the study offers a structured and practical approach to designing in-class activities that align with the objective of improving English listening and speaking skills in the context of cross-cultural communication under the help of self-media. By following this comprehensive framework, educators and students alike can enhance their cross-cultural competence and contribute to more effective cross-cultural communication teaching and learning.

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