Promoting the Autonomy of Taiwanese EFL Learners in Higher Education by Using Self-Assessment Learning Logs

Lilian Ya-Hui Chang, Michael Patrick Geary


This study revealed how the classroom teaching practice of self-assessment learning logs helps to promote the autonomy of L2 learners in the context of higher education in Taiwan. L2 learners completed a self-assessment learning log entry on a biweekly basis, reflecting on what they had done outside of the classroom to improve their English. These learners then shared their learning log entries in class approximately once a month. Data from 30 participants were collected using a questionnaire containing both closed and open-ended questions. The results indicated that most participants believed that learning logs facilitated language learning; in particular, sharing what they had done with their classmates was a strong motivation to continue out-of-class learning activities. This paper offers specific suggestions for teachers regarding effective techniques for promoting learner autonomy.

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