Using Nominalization in Scientific Texts; A Practical Review of the Related Studies

Elaheh Navak Dezfuli


Many scholars have focused on using the nominalization over the scientific discourse. On the other hand many scholars have focused on the historic origins of nominalization in scientific discourse (Banks, 2005); realizing the grammatical metaphor in modern prose fiction (Farahani & Hadidi, 2008). Furthermore, Susinskiene (2009) examined the influence of verb-based nominalization to cohesion over the history texts. Baratta (2010) examined moreover using the nominalization in the writing performance of six undergraduate students. Finally, Wenyan (2012), examined the role of nominalization in the English Medical Papers (EMP) created by native English speakers and Chinese writers. These investigations have focused the vital role of using the nominalization in the skillful arrangement of academic discourse. Nevertheless, the realization between discipline specificity and nominalization is not focused a lot. In the current paper, the researcher tried to review the nominalization use and related studies which have been conducted in this regard. Hopefully, results of the current investigation is useful for a number of people who can benefit the results namely students of applied linguistics who want to understand the related studies about nominalization, researchers who want to conduct their studies of nominalization and interested people to applied linguistics.

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