Identification of the Gaps between Actual Performance and Expected Performance of English Teachers at Elementary Level

Muhammad Qasim Javed Marral, Dr. Muhammad Arfan Lodhi


Teachers hold central figure in the propagation of effective education in educational milieu. The present study attempted to explore the key performance indicators (KPIs) of English teachers working in government schools at elementary level of education. The KPIs were identified and determined by examining the gap between their existing performance and their expected level of proficiency. The study focused its attention to evaluate the gap in English teaching domain only. The data was collected and analyzed quantitatively in this survey oriented descriptive research. A total number of 200 students and 40 teachers were restricted as the sample of the study taken from 04 tehsils of district Bahawalpur. Furthermore, data was collected by developing and administering 02 instruments i.e. questionnaire and classroom observation. The data taken from observation checklist was quantified to obtain empirical results of the investigation. The findings of the study revealed significantly huge gap between the existing and desired level of teachers’ proficiency. This gap was relatively apparent in teachers’ language proficiencies as well as instructional capabilities. Majority of the teachers couldn’t demonstrate the optimal standards of English teaching due to multifaceted factors. Furthermore, study revealed that there is dire need of target oriented instructional workshops and teacher trainings to be arranged for teachers to get the maximum outcomes.

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