Distance Learning for Social Distancing through LMOOCs: From Local to Massive and Back

Ana Sevilla-Pavón, Kyria Rebea Finardi


This paper discusses the first step of the adaptation of a Language Massive Open Online Course (LMOOC) offered on EdX4 to be used in higher education contexts as a result of social distancing measures imposed by the COVID19 outbreak and the sudden pivot to online learning. The LMOOC contents recently underwent a process of redesign and conversion from small-scale to massive and now the opposite move is necessary: the LMOOC is to go local by becoming embedded in English classes in higher education contexts. Participants’ feedback was analyzed and compared with the criteria from a MOOC analysis matrix in terms of content variety, quality of contents and instructors, linguistic level and adequacy, level of usefulness, and user-friendliness. The paper contributes to material/course design and teacher education insomuch as the process of repurposing this English LMOOC affords insights for course/material design, addressing the pressing need for online materials which many (often underfunded) public universities are currently experiencing.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/selt.v10n1p48


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