The Use of Innovation Technology in Pedagogical Practices of L2 Reading Comprehension: An Annotated Bibliography

Hanadi Abdulrahman Khadawardi


Teaching reading as a second/foreign language has gained increasing significance in the educational field. Investigating pedagogical methods has become one of the major areas of research in the expanding field of teaching second language (L2) reading comprehension. Many researchers have addressed various pedagogical aspects and issues related to this field. This annotated bibliography is designed for researchers and instructors working on developing modern technological techniques of teaching reading in second/foreign language settings and to provide a solid theoretical and pedagogical background based on many types of data from various angles and contexts. It attempts to provide an overview of and highlight research studies related to teaching L2 reading comprehension through updated digital methods with applications and recommendations based on previous research studies. The sources listed in this annotated bibliography are journal articles arranged alphabetically by author, and for each work there is a brief non-evaluative synopsis of the study’s objectives, instruments of data collection and results.

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