Communication Strategies in Use: The Implementation of Predetermined Vocabulary in the Classroom

Nina Sirkovic, Mirjana Matea Kovac


The goal of the research was to examine the usefulness of formal strategy teaching in the classroom, that is, to explore to what extent the strategy of teaching predetermined L2 vocabulary enhances students’ oral communication skills. Two groups of participants were compared, the students of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, and students of Mechanical Engineering. The former attended the course Communication Skills and were already familiar with certain communication models and means of making and maintaining conversation, and delivering presentations. The latter group, the Mechanical Engineering students did not attend such classes, so they represented the comparison class in this research. The results showed that the students who attended the communication skills course showed better presentations skills and the usage of predetermined phrases. Moreover, predetermined vocabulary helps less successful students with the deficit of L2 competencies. This communication strategy helps students with poorer English knowledge acquire the language competences as well as improve their confidence.

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