Multimodal Interpretation Studies in China

Wenxinxin Qin


In recent years, interpretation researchers have gradually realized the multimodal nature of interpretation and begun to observe and analyze interpretation activities from a multimodal perspective. This article analyzes high-quality articles on China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) from 2012 to 2021 on the topic of multimodal interpretation. It clarifies the current status of multimodal interpretation research in China from three aspects: annual publication volume, main authors, and research hotspots. It also finds that related research has problems such as a small number of publications, a lack of high-quality articles, a single research scope and perspective, and misconceptions. Suggestions were put forward, including clarifying the concept of multimodal interpretation and improving theoretical construction, promoting interdisciplinary research and cooperation, and providing more empirical evidence in order to provide reference for the further development of multimodal interpretation research.

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