Student Awareness of their Future Careers in Tanzania: A Case of One Private and Two Public Universities in Dar es Salaam

Nehemiah N. Nyaganilwa, Peter P. Mshana, Bernadeta A. Massawe, Festo C. Haule, Michael N. Joseph, Samwel Kijanga


Career awareness is important in ensuring that individuals choose right career and are motivated in their studies. This study assessed career awareness among university students in Tanzania. Specifically, the study assessed the nature of students’ awareness about career choices; the effect of lacking career awareness and strategies of overcoming the challenge of lack of career awareness. To address these objectives, the study utilized 88 university students and 5 lecturers selected from three universities in Dar es Salaam region. Clustered and purposive sampling approaches were used in selecting respondents. They responded to a questionnaire and data were analyzed descriptively using SPSS. The findings revealed that majority of the respondents acquired career awareness at secondary level of education. Role models and professionals were the main source of career awareness to students. Poor performance and suppression of inborn talents were among the effects of lacking career awareness. To overcome the challenge, higher learning institutions should initiate career awareness programmes, the government should review curricula and parents should provide career guidance to their children. It is concluded that, a collaborative role from different stakeholders in ensuring young generations are well guided on their future careers could yield better results.

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