Teachers’ Attrition and It’s Impact on School Performance: A Case STUDY ON Wag Seyoum Admasu General Secondary and Preparatory School

Melsew Tefera Mekonen


This study investigates the status of teachers’ attrition and its’ impact on the performance of Wag Seyoum Admassu General Secondary and Preparatory School using qualitative methodology. To that end, the data were gathered from school principal, department heads, and teachers. Interview, focus group discussions, and document analysis were the data gathering tools. In doing so, attention was given to causes for teacher attrition and impact on the school performance. The data collected was analyzed qualitatively case by case. The findings revealed that, personal factors, organizational factors, working conditions and socio-cultural factors were not the causes for teachers’ attrition in the school. They only create dissatisfaction. The primary reasons for teachers’ attrition were economic reason-low salary of teachers. With regard to the impact of teacher attrition on the performance of the school, students remain idle for long period of time, deterioration of students result and quality of education, additional burden on both teachers and school management, loosening staff cohesion and psychological unrest were some among many. It was concluded that, teaches’ attrition in Wag Seyoum Secondary and Preparatory School was related to economic reason. Meaning full salary increment for teachers by the government was recommended.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/wjeh.v4n2p33


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