Views about Balance of Multiple Interests in the Regulation of Anti Unfair Competition Law on Enterprise Data Crawling

Yijing Xia


Rapid innovation and widespread application of information and digital technologies encourage the continual growth and reconstruction of classic business models and market operation behaviors. The Internet economy has induced many new sorts of unfair competition while stimulating entrepreneurship and unleashing technological innovation dividends. Data crawling consumes a significant amount of Internet traffic because it is a cost-effective data collection strategy. It not only encourages data sharing, but it also makes unfair competition regulation more difficult. We should pay attention to assessing difficulties from the standpoint of interest concerns in the regulation of data crawling under the Anti-Unfair Competition Law, and completely measure whether it harms the interests of operators, customers, and social public interests. We can also use the method of interest measurement to coordinate the interest relationship in order to keep the competitive order and balance multiple interests.

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