Assessors, School Support and Teaching Practice at the University of Nairobi Kenya: Addressing Teacher Professional Competence

Paul Amollo Odundo, Lucas Othuon, Ganira Khavugwi Lillian


Supporting and mentoring teacher trainee competence during teaching practice forms an indispensable part of professional and personal development. A positive interaction between university assessors, secondary school principals, collaborating teachers, and regular teachers plays a vital role in fostering professional competence among teacher trainees. Consistent with professional development is that knowledge and learning is entrenched in social contexts and experiences promoted though interaction with significant others. The nature of support provided during teaching practice enhances sustained class management, improved professional development, activity based learning and learner achievement. On the other hand, inadequate support may turn teaching practice into a stressful disempowering and unproductive exercise for teacher trainees. The purpose of this study is to examine university assessors and school support in teacher trainee development at University of Nairobi. The study adopted a descriptive survey design with a population of 68 student teachers on teaching practice randomly sampled from 17 Counties. Data was collected through questionnaires for teacher trainees. Data analysis involved application of descriptive and inferential statistics, and presented using tables and graphs. Analysis yielded three themes, unsupportive relations, moderately supportive, and very supportive. The results indicated considerable support during teaching practice where very supportive scored the highest percentages. The study recommends development of practical and consistent policies and infrastructure that provides coordinated support for teacher trainees.

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