Approaches to Social Behaviour and Suitable Learning toward Growth and Innovation in SMEs

Ileana Hamburg


The purpose of this paper is to present some approaches which could be used in small and medium sized companies (SMEs) to improve social behaviour of managers and staff, learning methods and content used in education of entrepreneurs and SME staff. It is known that a social and diversity oriented manager behaviour supports company productivity and retaining of skilled staff. Very important is to prepare young entrepreneurs in this context besides the achieving of skills like leading, coordination, organisation and creativity. Vocational education and training of entrepreneurs should enable the integration of people with special needs i.e. by mentoring.

Conclusions of studies and projects coordinated by the author show that issues like problem-based learning, informal and social learning, diversity, mentoring by intensive use of social media can contribute to growth and innovation in SMEs and to increase the motivation of staff. These conclusions and the approaches presented in this paper will be used in two ongoing European projects especially orientated towards grow and innovation in SMEs.

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