Developing Analytic Geometry Module and Cooperative Learning Models to Improve Critical Thinking Ability

Syafari -, Nurliani Manurung


The third phase of the planned three-year research objected to test
and to justify the results of the development of the Analytic Geometry
module and cooperative learning models assisted with
Macromedia flash
 animation to improve students’ critical thinking skills. Research subjects
were students of the Study Program
: Mathematics and Mathematics
Education, University of State Medan, and Mathematics Education at
Muslim Nusantara University, Alwashliyah Medan. This study used
developmental research oriented to product development that refers to
the 4-D model, which was defining, designing, developing, and
disseminating. This third stage produced analytic geometry modules and
cooperative learning models supported by
Macromedia flash animation as
well as instruments of critical thinking skills and positive attitudes
toward the justified learning modules and models. These learning
modules and models were arranged in the form of lecturer manuals
and student books

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