The Effect of Online Formative Self-Assessment on Academic Performance of Chiropractic Students

Munyeong Choi, Mark E. Murdock


The main objectives of this study are: 1. Evaluate the degree of utilization of online, formative self-assessment (OFSA); 2. To evaluate the effect of OFSA on summative final exam (SFE) scores. The design of the study involved students having the opportunity to take a total of eight weekly OFSA quizzes voluntarily, outside of class time and throughout the academic term. Demographic, utilization and SFE scores were collected and analyzed. The results included: 1. high participation rate with 93% (N = 173) of the total number of students having taken at least one or more quizzes and 53% (N = 98) of students took at least four or more OFSA quizzes. 2. There was a 0.72 (p=.008; CI: .196 to 1.253) increase of SFE scores per quiz taken as per linear regression. The correlation was mildly, positive (r = .194, p < .01). In post hoc analysis, the mean SFE score of the frequent (4 or more quizzes) OFSA takers was 3.52 higher than that of the infrequent (3 or fewer quizzes) takers (p < .01). Based on the results, OFSA may offer a complementary learning tool for students in a Chiropractic program.

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