A Study on the Ideological and Political Education of Inter-Subjectivity in Colleges and Universities in the Era of New Media

Xin Chen


Under the background of the new media era, teenagers, especially college students, have pushed the new media to a blowout development trend. This provides opportunities and challenges for the development of Ideological and political education in Colleges and universities. Inter subjectivity ideological and political education is the frontier issue in the discipline of Ideological and political education, which embodies the Marxist theory of subject human and the Marxist concept of communication practice. In the era of new media, the research on the ideological and political education among the main bodies of colleges and universities is a reasonable choice to conform to the trend of the times. Ideological and political education in Colleges and universities can be effectively developed on the platform of new media.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/wjer.v7n1p187


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