Enhancing the Delivery of the Teacher Education Courses through the Development of OBE-Based Teaching Guides

Agripina B. Maribbay


This project aimed to develop Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) teaching guides to enhance the delivery of courses in the teacher education programs. This paper specifically provides the result of the participants’ assessment and problems encountered in the implementation of the OBE-based approach in teaching. The 200 study participants covered faculty and administrators of thirty (30) selected Teacher Education Institutions in Region 02. Results reveal that the OBE-based approach was implemented to a great extent along Institutional Mission, moderate extent in terms of outcomes and low extent along areas such as curriculum, instructional delivery, assessment, and reporting. Participants’ inadequacy of knowledge and skills, teaching resources, and time were among the problems encountered by the participants in the implementation of the OBE-approach in the teacher education curriculum. These results serve as a guide for the development of OBE-based teaching guides to enhance the implementation of the curriculum. The development of the teaching guides was based on a set of frameworks. The Project Proposal Framework particularly details the processes undertaken in the development of the teaching guides while the SPUP-OBE Framework provides the teaching guides content. Furthermore, it presents the specific methods for the teachers’ training on the principles and standards of OBE, the development of OBE-based teaching guides, the logical framework of the proposed teaching guide, the monitoring and evaluation plan, and the dissemination plan. This method includes the design, scope, tools, and analytical procedures for the specific processes involved.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/wjer.v8n1p36


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